KimakArt is our brand of Mexican premium handcrafted goods. KimakArt means Happy Art. We merged a word from the Mayan culture (Ki’imak) and an universal concept (Art) to create a brand that celebrates its Mexican origin with a worldwide reach.

I proudly have Mayan roots, both my mom & dad are from the city of Campeche in the Yucatán peninsula. My dad’s second last name Huicab means “bees’ honey or bees’ nest” in Mayan. I learned many Mayan words when I was a child, my great grandmother spoke Mayan with her friends & always wore traditional Mayan huipiles until she died. I treasure the Mayan culture so taking the “happy” concept from a word from Mayan origin (kiimak) to be part of the kimakArt brand was essential. KimakArt has a very special place in my entrepreneurial journey.

KimakArt is focused in offering high quality Mexican handcrafted products, not only from Mayan origin but from different Mexican cultures, regions & traditions. The Mexican “happy hands” that create these amazing unique “artesanías” are the soul of kimakArt and we are committed to give back to their families and communities while taking their “art” internationally through our brand.

Thanks to all who are part of this venture in any way.

Jorge E.