KimakArt is ALVENI’s brand of Mexican premium handcrafted goods.  If you need assistance or have any questions, contact us.

KimakArt means Happy Art.  We merged a word from the Mayan culture (Ki’imak) and an English word (art) to create a brand that celebrates its Mexican origin with the ‘universal’ concept of ART.  

KIMAK comes from the Mayan words FELIZ (happy) and ALEGRIA (happiness)

FELIZ adj: Ki’imak óol.
ALEGRÍA f: Ki’imak óol, ki’imak óolal.
This brand has been created by Alveni, a well established company in Mexico and USA in 2020 during COVID-19 times to help Mexican artisans to continue in business by working closely with them to create specific unique products that can be promoted internationally under kimakArt brand.
Our first line of products are Mexican handcrafted face masks embroidered with colorful unique designs. And we are continuously looking for more unique creations to add to our collection. 
We are committed to our Mexican  so a percentage of sales will be donated to improving the communities & families of the people who work so hard making these goods for kimakArt.